A Friendly Reminder About our Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours notice for any cancellations or rescheduling for your appointment. Patients who provide less than 48 hours notice, or miss their appointment entirely, will regrettably be charged a cancellation fee of the full value of their appointment.

As much as enthusiastic punctuality thrills us (and is always appreciated), we understand that life happens which means appointment cancellations and rescheduling are sometimes unavoidable.

We’re happy to accommodate cancellations and/or appointment rescheduling, providing our practitioners’ valuable time and energy is honoured, which is why we uphold a strict Cancellation/Missed Appointment Policy (outlined above). This helps everybody find a stress-free, workable solution.

We appreciate your understanding and respect for this policy.

Why is a Cancellation Policy Necessary?

We’re glad you asked and are completely happy to be transparent about our why.

A last minute cancellation or missed appointment leaves a hole in our practitioners’ day which could have been filled by another patient in need.

Our Cancellation Policy is a system that respects the time and dedication of the client who booked treatment, of our practitioners who prepare for that treatment, as well as the time and opportunity for access for those clients who are on our waitlist.

These healthy boundaries are set with every one of our clients to ensure that we’re able to support as many individuals as possible and operate our clinic effectively for you.

That being said, we understand that emergencies do happen, which is why we invite you to take advantage of our 48 hour in advance, no questions asked Cancellation Policy. This gives you the opportunity to cancel or reschedule when unexpected circumstances pop up, providing 48 hours notice has been provided.

Your Cancellation/Missed Appointment Invoice

If you miss our 48 hour Cancellation Policy, you will receive a message from our clinic with an invoice for the missed appointment fee.

Credit cards on file will be charged 24 hours after the missed appointment. Failure to complete payment will result in a notification from Collections Canada.