When it comes to your skin and health, it’s only natural that you want to work with the best, which is why Connected’s Protege Program is dedicated to scouting, nurturing and training the best and brightest minds in holistic skincare.
Our dynamic and immersive intern training program provides up-and-coming Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine 4th year students an opportunity to expand their learning in a tactile, hands-on manner.
From latest research, cutting edge treatments, exclusive products and more, our interns are educated in a multi-dimensional style to ensure their expertise is honed for custom, long-term care solutions.

Why should I see a Protege Intern instead of Dr. Newell ND?
Not only are our Protege Intern services more affordable, but booking an appointment with a Protege also contributes to their learning process and helps to further their education. Very similar to how surgeons, for example, begin their careers as a medical intern or resident, who is supervised by a more senior and qualified doctor, our Protege Interns are taking their first steps in their careers through this educational internship experience.
Are intern appointments supervised?
Yes. All Connected Protege Intern appointments are supervised by a fully qualified and registered Connected ND at all times.
What are the qualifications of the Protege Interns?
All of our Protege Interns are 4th year students from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. This means they are well on their way to becoming fully qualified and registered naturopaths. The internship experience is a key part of their real-world training and education.
What happens to Protege Interns when they complete their placement?
Protege Interns who impress us will be invited to join the Connected team once they graduate with their full license and degree. When this happens, their rates will be increased accordingly and they’ll focus on building out their own exclusive client list.
Can I continue with my Protege Intern once they graduate the program?
Yes, absolutely! When your Protege Intern is fully licensed as a practitioner and if they are invited to continue full time at Connected you can continue booking their services at their new rates. Or you can continue your care with the next Protege who is accepted into the program for a continued affordable option.
I still have questions…
Please feel free to email us or call us with any questions about our Protege Internship Program.